There are at least two main factors when creating SEO optimized content for blogs or websites. First, you have to produce materials that are valuable, engages, entertains, drives, and converts. Second, it has to be accessible to a wider audience. Because most online traffic originates from the use of search engines, one of the challenges is to your website more visible to their algorithms. Traditional online marketing will consider SEO and digital marketing two different strategies. However, they are increasingly part of a bigger strategy that puts SEO at the forefront. It’s important for articles to have a lot of SEO-rich markers to be engaging in the search engines. 

The goal is to create quality content with high search engine visibility. This may seem to conflict with each other but try to consider them as a part of a more holistic objective. All SEO-rich materials must be well-written and vibrant. It should also contain a lot of useful data for your audience to consume. Remember that information-rich content is practically useless if it languishes invisibly in your website. 

SEOs can take your material out of the dark and bring it right before your audience. However, today’s viewers are clever than ever. Peppering your content with keywords could turn them off. So, you have to consider hiring an expert in SEO Victoria BC if you want to get impeccable results.  

What Makes Articles SEO Friendly? 

While it is impossible to teach excellent writing, it is certainly possible to do make your writing better for your audience. Ultimately, as a digital marketer, you are a storyteller. You transmit your brand’s tale through the various media available and articles are just one of them. What you have to do now is to transmit your skills and abilities to every page of your website. Here are a few tips on how to create amazing SEO-rich articles for your website. 

1. Use concrete examples.  

Nothing provides more authority to write about a certain topic than citing powerful examples that your audience can relate to. By utilizing some case studies when writing about a product or any story, your articles become more credible. Find links that could be used as a reference for your readers to check out. Concrete examples and tangible truths are going to create more impact on them than random data and figures. 

2. Don’t conceal your personality. 

Give your website a brand and a distinctive tone when you write SEO-friendly articles. Don’t be scared to be amusing, quirky, or strange if you’re all that. Read your articles aloud to determine if it sounds a lot like you in person. One of your biggest advantages in the online world is your own personality. While you must conform to the industry’s norm of professionalism, you should also more natural and human as you can possibly be. You want to have more people to connect with you, more than anything. 

3. Know your audience 

Your blog isn’t your personal diary. It isn’t it a memo from your office either. Ensure that you use the appropriate language when addressing your audience. Stay back from the jargon if you’re talking to a bigger crowd. Create digestible ideas in every paragraph and make them brief and on-point.